Why so much talk on budgets?

The LDS Church has an incredible welfare program. We, as LDS members, are often taught about the principles of self-reliance, hard work, budgeting, etc.

Each congregation is given a budget, set aside by the Bishop and his counselors to aide in the funding of activities and various auxiliaries (i.e. subgroups formed from the congregation).

Here's what our handbook has to say about budgets:

"Leaders ensure that expenses for activities are in accordance with the current budget and finance policies of the Church. The following principles apply.
Most activities should be simple and have little or no cost. Expenditures must be approved by the stake presidency or bishopric before they are incurred.
Stake and ward budget funds should be used to pay for all activities, programs, and supplies. Members should not pay fees to participate. Nor should they provide materials, supplies, rental or admission fees, or long-distance transportation at their own expense. Activities in which members provide food may be held if doing so does not place undue burdens on them."
To me, this teaches me how to work with a budget both in a church setting and at home. I also appreciate being able to do things in my specific calling with funds available from the ward that don't burden me. We are a young family trying to pay off medical bills and student loans. We don't have any extra money in our personal finances to buy a lot of the things I need for nursery. But luckily, I have been allocated funds to help me create an environment that facilitates learning the gospel first. It's not a budget that allows for a lot of fancy things, just a lot of creative ones. The funds aren't just any funds though, they come from tithing funds, sacred funds. Funds that have been donated to the church often accompanied with great sacrifice from individuals and/or families. 
Hope that helps you understand it a little better! 

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