Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Toddler Christmas Craft Round-Up

i was looking at our lesson schedule, and man. there are only four sundays left of the year. four. and mentally, i did this little dance, like yay the year is over! but then, i siiiighed cause it's not like you have a two week break between this year and the next like between semesters. come dec 28th, you'll just get right back into it the next sunday. no breaks (unless you are going on a vacation). and man, it just keeps going, the years, the days, round and around and around. don't think too hard about it.

anyways, i rounded up a few of my favorite christmas craft ideas that we will be doing in nursery party this month and they are really easy, low maintenance and contain supplies that you probably already have in your closet. (so yay!)

1 - craft snowman found here
2-  candy cane pipecleaners and beads found here
3- toilet paper roll angels found here
4- paper plate ornaments found here
5- paper plate reindeers found here
6- christmas tree paper plates found here

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