Wednesday, January 14, 2015

why are you posting so many activities?

no, no one actually asked me that question. except, maybe my mom. she would ask me that question. because she would legit want to know why there are so many "activity" ideas and other garbage on this blog. ha! the grams (what we've nicknamed her since she became a grandma), is ALL ABOUT THE DOCTRINE. seriously. when i emailed her to tell her about my super awesome nursery party social media idea, she emailed back with:

"Awesome!  Don't forget Jesus.  Put a lot of Jesus pictures around in nursery."

and then later when we were emailing back and forth about her upcoming winter trip to visit her grandchildren she said...

"Wow!  I'm to excited.   Whatever you decide and however you want done.   Let me see.  Right now you are a little frustrated because you feel alone in what has been going on.   PRAY AND LISTEN!   HE'S RIGHT THERE AND KNOW EVERYTHING!  I know some things and I hope I'm helping you know what HE knows."

guys, now that i am a mom, i am totally obsessed with my mom cause she's a genius. i'll be bragging about her all the time cause she's so great. 

anyways, to answer the self-imposed question of "why are you posting so many activities..." since you talk about teaching the doctrine and keeping it simple is because of this. 

nursery is two hours. TWO HOURS people. some of you have classes that are as small as two kids and they might be your own. some of you have 72! (seriously, 72, see here). and the rest of us i am guessing have everything in between. so with all of those 18 month olds to 3yo in your class and with attention spans of ants, you need a lot to occupy them. you need amo! 

besides, all the lesson help you need, is IN THE MANUAL. (obsession with the manual in this post) that's the best part. is you don't have to rack your brain trying to figure out what to teach, you just have to figure out all the other stuff that takes up about 115 minutes. the manual makes our lives so much easier.

so i hope i answered your question. i want this blog to be more than lesson helps because you already have lesson helps, the Church provided it. i'll just add a few lesson applicable craft ideas for keeping the kids busy post-lesson and other helpful survival tips. 

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