Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Magic in the Manual

what to know what the magic is?

reading it.


the intro has so much good stuff in helping you figure out how to stick to the doctrine and keep things simple.

too often, we think that we have to scour the internets to find tips and ideas for nursery, and their are lots. we can thank the overload of technology and social media for that. but when you find yourself with brain farts and blockages, go back to the manual. seriously, good stuff. simple stuff. obvious stuff.

and then, you should probably consult the man upstairs, because not every nursery is the same, not every kid is the same. things that work for my nursery party may not work for yours. the needs are different, the dynamic of leaders are different.

keep it simple & teach the doctrine. 

Sending you all the best vibes in the world,


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