Nursery Party?

hey, it's me down there...on a really, really good day (almost never on a sunday. i teach nursery. aint nobody got time to do their hair and hope that it still looks like this by the end of those crazy but often awesome two hours)...

the term "nursery party" just came out of the blue one sunday in the middle of trying to figure out how to entertain toddlers who were itching to get out the door. since then, i've called "nursery" "nursery party" it's much more fun to me and kids know what parties are, right? we've also invented the "nursery party cha cha cha" it involves, jumping, dancing, singing, and lights on and off. it's awesome. but we'll save that for a later post.

...anyways, why this blog? (Another blog about kids and church and crafts and whatever). one Sunday, i came home in tears. angry tears, frustrated tears. just a whole lot of tears (I was also pregnant at the time, so you know, not really sure which part was hormonal and which ones were caused by the craziness that was nursery). i sat at my computer and researched and researched and read through blogs about different ideas for nursery -- what activities were effective, what kinds of schedules to create, what kind of snacks acted as sedatives (partially joking) and i realized that quite a few blogs are a little outdated (but still have super awesome content) and there is no instagram! what!? no instagram?! get outta here. i thought, i think i maybe have something to offer? much to the credit of my own mother. i'll be bringing stuff that is a little less high maintenance (to help tone down the crazy), budget conscious (church budgets are often tighter than husband budgets, amirite?) and spiritual at the same time...hopefully.

so, here’s my contribution to the crazy world that is toddlers, the crazier world that is caring for them and the craziest world that is entertaining and teaching them. just a whole lot of crazy, so i turned it into a party. let’s help each other! share ideas, suggestions, failures and mostly hilarities. i live for the humor in these situations otherwise i’d be a walking nuthouse 24-7.

I LOVE YOU! let’s party.

and remember...keep it simple & teach the doctrine.



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