Friday, November 7, 2014

{Pinterest Review}: Pipe Cleaner Strainer and Pool Noodle Beading

here's a round-up/brief review of a couple of pins from pinterest that i tried with my nursery. some of these probably really worked well for the kids in your nursery or maybe they failed miserably. i'd love to hear from you on why yours worked/didnt work!

Activity: Pipe cleaners in strainer
Rating: B-

Review: Lasted about three minutes. I had only two strainers (yay for tight budgets and limited storage space), lots of pipe cleaners, way too many kids who wanted to try it at the same time and lost patience because of the waiting to take turns. Mostly human error on my part, kids want their own things to work on! Who knows, we may try this again when we clean out the closet and acquire more funds.

Suggestion: Better for nurseries that have five or less kids and lots of adult one-on-one accessibility. OR if you have lots of kids in your nursery, split into smaller groups and have an adult help each group. OR have another activity going on at the same time so you don't have to have one strainer per kid to occupy everyone.

Activity: Pool Noodle Beads
Rating: B

Review: Seasonal, so you have to remember to get pool noodles in the summer time. If using the dollar store jump ropes, make sure you tape off the ends cause they fray really quick. Kids who are teething or little boys in general like to bite these and then they get ruined. But was pretty good for my toddler at home to play with by herself. 

Suggestion: Save on the space in your closet and just use cereal and string, cut up straws and string, anything other than the pool noodles. #dointoomuch. But if you want to get double usage out of them and utilize them as building blocks, that could work too. Just beware the chompers.

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